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Are you ready to release self doubt and gain the confidence to go after your goals? 

Goal Digger Goddess Program

This accelerated 6 week program is for women who are ready to transform their lives and become the Goal Digger Goddess they desire to be. You’ll gain a better understanding of yourself, release self limiting beleifs that are holding you back, plan your goals, create a goal action plan, an dget clea on what it means to live your dream life as a Goal Digger Goddess.

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Complimentary Confidence + Clarity Call

Struggling with confidence and clarity surrounding your goals? I’d love to help you achieve a confident mindset along with more clarity about what you truly want out of life.

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Ready To Turn Your Goals & Dreams Into Your Reality?


Sessions include Confidence+Clarity, Abundance+Attraction, Weight Loss Hypnosis, and Goal Setting+Clarity.

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12 week program for transforming your life by changing your mindset and increasing Confidence + Clarity.

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6 week program for women who are ready to transform their lives and step into their purpose.

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Here’s what other Goal Diggers have said about working with me:

Your teaching has taught me a lot. I owe it all to you and your patience with me. You were a blessing to me. Thanks so much.

Ouida W.

My biggest fear was sharing my story. It can be a bit uncomfortable at times to open up and speak my truth but Bre was so professional it was easy to speak and to open up.

Annabella Z.

Thank you for everything that you’ve taught me. You are very informative and resourceful. The time we worked together has allowed me to elevate. 

Kizzy M.

Bre Michelle is a breath of fresh air! She listened openly to the obstacles . I felt were in front of me and together we went over an achievable plan. I . truly appreciate her putting me into my plan and not just giving me an unrealistic cookie cutter solution. 

Vanessa C.


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Virtual Goal BFF 

As a Goal Digger you need a Goal BFF who supports your goals and holds you accountable. Lets get started working on your goals so you can begin to live the Life Of A Goal Digger.

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Self Confidence
In 3 Steps?

Don’t let a lack of self confidence stand in your way. This 3 step technique will give you a boost of self confidence in less than 5 minutes.


Meet Your Virtual Goal BFF

Hi! I’m Bre. I’m your Virtual Goal BFF. I like coffee, yoga, and self care. As the founder of Life Of A Goal Digger, I help women transform their lives by increasing their Confidence + Clarity. I use accountability along with NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, and TIME techniques to help you transform your life right before your eyes.

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