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How would you like to fall in love with YOURSELF and YOUR LIFE?


When was the last time you promised yourself that you would stand up for yourself and what you want, go after your dreams, and show up as the woman you’ve always wanted to be – all while committing to your long list of goals?


Maybe it was at the beginning of a new year.


Maybe it was right after someone misinterpreted you.


Or maybe it’s something that has been bothering you for a while and you keep promising yourself that you’ll start next week.


“Next week I’ll start and commit to my goals.”


“Next week I’ll be more confident.”


“Next week figure out how to live the life I desire.”


Only To…

Forget about the goals that you said you wanted to reach.

Spend time questioning yourself after receiving a crazy look from someone.

Give up on ever living your dream life because someone said it’s too far out of reach.


I completely get it.

It’s beyond frustrating and NOT a way that a goddess should be living.


Here’s the good news…


You’re not alone in this repetitive cycle of feeling unworthy, doubtful, and unconfident.


We’ve all been there.


I know what it’s like to continually start and stop new goals, let the opinions of others get in my head, OR miss out of living the life I crave because of my own insecurities.


It’s time for you to chose YOU!


Life exists beyond the fear of unworthiness, failure, and feeling less than all the time.


And you deserve to live your dream life. Are you ready to become a Goal Digger Goddess?


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Can you imagine…


­čîčWaking up feeling confident and ready to conquer your day instead of dreading leaving your bed.

­čîčFinally living your dream life and doing things on your own terms not doing things your absolutely dread.

­čîčEnjoying spending your days doing things that make you feel your best like spending time with your friends and family.

­čîčLooking back at your goals and having reached them all instead of feeling unaccomplished.

­čîčGoing out into the world and feeling hot AF instead of feeling insecure or judged.

­čîčStarting that business you’ve always wanted to start instead of always wondering what if?

­čîčEliminating confusion and doubt by clearly identifying a step by step plan.

­čîčBeing unapologetic about your desire to live your best life.

­čîčReaching a state of ultimate self love and worthiness.

­čîčStop missing out on life and finally feel at ease with yourself.

Goal Digger Goddess is all about helping you:

­čîčUncover what’s been holding you back from having the confidence to show up for yourself and pursue your goals

­čîčDiscover which limiting beliefs, lifestyle choices, and behaviors are slowing you down and how to tackle them

­čîčChange your habits and mindset around your worthiness and not just rely on setting goals and pure desire (which hasn’t worked in the past)


Goal Digger Goddess is an accelerated 6 week transformational program for women who are ready to learn how to gain confidence, get serious about her goals, and live unapologetically as the goddess she really is.


During this program, you will gain a better understanding of yourself, release self limiting beliefs that are holding you back, plan your goals, create a goal action plan, and get clear on what it means to live your dream life of a Goal Digger Goddess.


Each week we will have a live call to discuss the week’s topic. During the call we will work through various techniques that will transform your mindset and help you show up as the Goal Digger Goddess that you really are.

Aside from our weekly calls, we will also have a high vibe group chat that will provide support, motivation, and accountability.


Program Outline:
Week 1: Who am I? vs Who I want to be?
Week 2: Out With The Bad: Change Work
Week 3: Goddess Mindset Shift
Week 4: Mapping It Out
Week 5: AttrACTION: Taking Action
Week 6: Living Like A Goddess for Life

By the end of our 6 weeks together, you won’t only develop confident habits but really learn how to make these habits stick, so you can finally show up as the Goal Digger Goddess you know you’re meant to be, and most importantly… have fun while doing it!

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